@AddLoc WMS and WCS


  • ​Seamless integration with Machines
  • ​Receiving and Put away
  • Picking and Packing
  • Location management
  • Inventory management
  • Wifi ,Barcode,RFID

AddLoc Warehouse Control System (WCS) controls the material handling systems, to achieve the desiredthroughput level in distribution centers, or warehouses AddLoc WCS is a stand alone Warehouse Control System, it can also be implemented in part and can be easily integrated with existing ERP solutions. AddLoc adds intelligence via our IOT platform to predict the usage and failure patterns in distribution centers or warehouses

AddLoc Warehouse Management System AddLoc Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows the systematic storage and retrieval of material from large warehouses. The ease at which the system integrates with existing ERPs and existing automation makes the life easier. And hence we are able to achieve quicker implementations. The WMS is able to oversee all inventory processes including: receiving, put-away, storage, inventory management and planning,picking, replenishing, packing, and shipping. Additionally the WMS supports and executes dynamic slotting and cartonization, as well as vast reporting, diagnostics, and optimization tools ADDIntel WMS coordinates and directs person to goods solutions also including conveyor systems, A-frames, pick-to-light (PTL) modules, automated guided vehicles, and other Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) including carousels, the One Level Shuttle and Multi-level shuttle, and the Mini Load Crane. The WMS is able to integrate and operate with technologies like radio frequency and voice terminals, optical character recognition, bar code scanning, RFID and voice recognition

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