• Shoe Sorter
  • Tilt trey sorter
  • Belt sorter
  • Pusher sorter

Sorting and Picking Systems

In the logistics industry, consumers are demanding quicker and more accurate delivery capabilities, such as the same-day shipment of e-commerce, in addition to multi-item and small lot delivery services. Addverb has provided sorting and picking systems to numerous distribution centers for convenience stores, supermarkets, and pharmaceutical wholesalers. We are also successful in delivering systems to sorting facilities for agricultural products, contributing to the stabilization of quality and supply. Addverb provides optimal distribution solutions most suited to the age of e-commerce by constructing systems which can quickly supply products to consumers.

We actively support multi-item and small lot delivery in the distribution, transport, and storage industries by offering products with higher speed and more accuracy. Our solution include Shoe Sorter,Belt sorter,Mini Tilt Tray Sorter,ARB sorter ,High speed Pusher Sorter.

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