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Addverb provides a wide variety of lineups to address deliveries and production, which are becoming smaller in quantities and lots due to the diversification and complication of consumer needs. Our products not only improve efficiency but offer optimum transport services with high reliability and functions that will not damage the products. We also deliver transport systems that meet the miniaturization needs of semiconductors and the refinement needs of glass boards, factory automation systems for almost all processes in automotive plants, and conveyor systems for baggage handling at airports. Addverb contributes to the streamlining of logistics through time and cost reduction.

We offer various types of conveyors including chain conveyors , roller-type conveyors for cases, accumulation conveyors, and inclined belt conveyors. Our lineups can flexibly accommodate the characteristics and installation requirements of customers' loads. The conveyors form an optimal transport system in combination with our automated storage and peripheral equipment, including sorting and picking devices.

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