Robotic Automation offers a very reliable and efficient production process, robots typically can be refurbished and used again after a period of 10-12 years with ease. All these factors make the ROI on Robotic Automation attractive, a good rule of thumb is to target a minimum of three years for calculating the ROI. After these three years, typically Robotic Automation results in positive cash flow for the company with minimum variability and high-efficiency. That’s the stage when actual value unlocking happens for the organization. Read More

Smart Factories and future of robotics

Technology has always disrupted manufacturing, the first industrial revolution driven by steam engine led to the development of large factories symbolized by textile mills. In 2016 we are at the cusp of another industrial revolution which the experts are calling “Industry 4.0”. It consists of cybernetic systems incorporating Internet Of Things, Augmented Reality, Big Data, 3-D Printing, Simulation and Robotics and is powered by Cloud computing. Read More

Light up your Warehouse

Light directed picking has emerged as one of the important picking technologies for faster order fulfilment with great accuracies. Before implementing the PTL systems into your warehouse storage zones/aisles, here we take a look at the important points that need to be thoroughly worked upon to earn the best ROI from automation. Read More

Does Your Forklift Take The Road Less Taken? Try SmartMove

Today forklifts are the most common sight in a warehouse. They are heavy vehicles with a pronged device for moving goods from unloading area, to shelves and taking them for the dispatch area. They carry bulk weights and facilitate easy movement of the inventory. These are very costly equipment, so they have to be utilized to the best of their capacity in order to realize an effective ROI on them. Read More


Technology has fundamentally altered our lives. It has led to disruption of business models and development of innovative products to drive up efficiency. “industrial revolution” led to mass manufacturing and increase in the scale of operation, this led to creation of big factories followed by large warehouses. Warehouses have become the corner stone of supply chain management and the warehousing process elements have become the source of the proverbial “competitive advantage”. Read More

Technology Trends in Industrial Automation for 2018

Manufacturing typically is the most impacted field due to any technological advancement. The advance of technological achievements has triggered exciting and unexpected trends with wider impact horizons and very promising business prospects. This year we expect drastic exponential changes in every technological direction. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will transform the entire industries, making way for virtual helpers and a myriad of cases for automatization. Read More


In ancient times, beacons were fires lit at different locations and used for signaling purpose. They were used to signal warnings, celebrations, navigation, signify an important location etc. With time and advent of technology, beacons became more sophisticated and their application more wide spread and today we typically see a beacon as a very small electronic device typically of the size of buttons of a shirt which emits radio signals in close proximity of varying strengths. Read More